Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations are not restrictive and are in place to provide everyone with a great place to live. We expect everyone living here to gladly support them.
I. General
A. Applications must be completed and approved, security deposit, first month's rent, and last month's rent must paid prior to the arrival of the resident's mobile home. The management reserves the right to refuse admittance and refund any advance deposits and payments to anyone whose mobile home is not acceptable in appearance and condition.
B. All rents are payable in advance by the first of each month. Anyone who does not have rents paid on time, unless otherwise arranged for in writing, shall be directed to leave the park within thirty (30) days at the option of management. Rents shall be mailed or delivered to management.
C. No subletting, renting, or occupation by anyone not listed on the application will be permitted except with written approval of the management.
D. No peddling, soliciting, or commercial enterprise is permitted in the park except with written approval of the management. Mobile homes may not be sold with the understanding that the buyer may retain the same lot without prior consent of the management.
E. Disorderly conduct, abusive language, noisy disturbances, or disregard of the rules and regulations contained herein shall be grounds for immediate removal of all persons committing said offenses from the premises.
F. Parents will be held responsible for any damage caused by their children. Tenants will be responsible for their guests and pets.
G. The management reserves the right of access onto all lots at all times for the purpose of inspection and utility maintenance.
H. The management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of property by fire, theft, wind, floods, or other natural acts which are beyond its control. Equipment and apparatus furnished on the grounds are solely for the convenience of residents and all persons using same do so at their own risk.
I. The management shall be notified immediately of any hazardous conditions which are know to be a violation of these rules and regulations, or otherwise.
J. Every resident shall be responsible for any violation of these rules and regulations by a member of his family, or his guest.
K. Any violation of these rules and regulations by a resident that is uncorrected by him or that causes damage to a dwelling or seriously interferes with the comfort or safety of another resident, shall be grounds for termination of the lease.
L. All residents should notify the management as far in advance as possible when planning to vacate. Residents must check out according to the following conditions in order to have their security deposit returned:
1) The management must be notified in writing received by management at least thirty (30) days before the resident(s) intend to vacate.
2) If all the rent is paid current and no damage has been done to the park property, the resident's security deposit will be returned. The management must be present when the resident removes the manufactured home from the lot.
3) The resident must provide management with new address, in writing, within thirty (30) days after leaving.
M. The management asks that all residents remain for a minimum period of one year.
N. The management reserves the right to alter these rules and regulations as circumstances require, upon seven (7) days prior written notice to residents.
O. Fireworks are prohibited on the park property and the areas around the park.
II. Mobile Home Lots
A. Lots may be inspected periodically by the management.
B. No changes, alterations, or additions to mobile home lots may me made by the resident without written approval of the management. Skirting, porches, awnings, and other additions, if approved by the management, shall be maintained in good repair by residents.
C. The resident shall be responsible for proper placement of his mobile home on his foundation stand and proper installation of all utility connections in accordance with the instruction of the management.
D. The management will supply utility connections to each lot; each resident shall be solely responsible for the proper connection of the utility connection from his mobile home. No occupant shall tamper with or alter the utility connection owned by the park.
E. Connection to the park-owned utility should be made with all applicable regulations.
F. If a lot is neglected, the management reserves the right to take over its care and bill the resident the actual cost of maintenance.
G. The resident is responsible to keep the grass on his lot mowed and in presentable appearance. Except for trees, bushes, flowers, and gardens, all grass and ground cover shall not be permitted to exceed three (3) inches in height.
H. The resident is responsible to keep the parking area of his lot, sidewalks, etc., cleared of snow and ice.
I. Management will keep park roads passable year-round. No tenant has the right to alter or obstruct the construction, repair, or clearing of the road. All roads are private roads for the use of residents and their invitees, and management only.
J. No boats, travel trailers, or other such equipment shall be stored on individual lots. Storage will only be permitted at locations so designated by the management.
K. An approved skirting will be provided by the resident and placed around the mobile home within thirty (30) days after arrival. The management reserves the right to have skirting installed after this time, and to bill the resident for the actual cost.
L. All mobile homes shall be tied down to prevent wind damage.
M. The blocking which contacts the ground shall be solid concrete, solid block, or block with centers poured.
N. All resident water pipes and connections shall be frost proofed by the resident. Any damage caused to the park water lines or mobile home water system, because of frost or water lines freezing of resident water pipes and connections shall be repaired at the tenant's expense. The management reserves the right to have park property repaired in such instances and bill the tenant.
O. All delivery and pick-up vehicles shall turn around in space provided for this, and not on individual lots.
P. The space provided as waiting room for school bus users is not to be used for parking through the day or over night.
Q. Mail boxes shall be placed only at the space provided and shall be of a type approved by the management. The tenant's name and box number shall be clearly visible on the mail box.
III. Automobiles, Trucks, and Other Vehicles
A. Vehicles shall be parked only in the designated area. Vehicles shall not be parked in or along park roads, or in undesignated areas on the lots.
B. No uninspected or unlicensed vehicles will be permitted in the park for more than thirty (30) days. Vehicles not removed by owner in this time period will be removed by the management at the owner's expense.
C. The speed limit in the park is fifteen (15) miles per hour and drivers will be alert for children or pedestrians.
IV. Community Buildings and Facilities
A. Storage buildings separately rented and surrounding area will be the tenant's responsibility. The management reserves the right to enter storage buildings for inspection at any and all reasonable times.
B. Arrangements for the use of the community buildings must be made with the management prior to use.
V. Animals
A. No animals, except for household pets, shall be brought into the park.
B. Written permission must be obtained to keep or bring pets into the park. Only the pets described in the permission may be kept or brought into the park.
C. Pets, if permitted in the park, shall not be allowed to run at large or to commit any nuisance in the limits of the park.
D. Noisy or unruly pets or those that cause complaints will not be allowed to remain.
E. Outdoor-only pets are prohibited.
VI. Solid Waste Disposal, Storage, and Fire Protection
A. Residents shall provide their own garbage cans.
B. All garbage must be in plastic bags and placed in garbage containers. Garbage containers used for mobile home site shall be tightly covered and fastened to prevent their blowing freely in park. Plastic garbage bags may not be left exposed out of doors.
C. The garbage containers shall be rodent proof, insect proof, and water tight.
D. The space under the mobile home shall not be used for storage of any nature.
E. Residents are allowed the equivalent of two garbage bags per week in the provided dumpster. Any cardboard or other large items must be torn apart, smashed, or otherwise compressed as much as possible.
F. VERY IMPORTANT: The septic system may only be used for human waste, toilet paper, and typical wash water. Women's feminine products, food and other trash must be disposed of in the garbage.
Suggestions to Tenants:
Have fire extinguishers at central locations in your mobile home where they are readily accessible.
Have smoke detectors installed in your mobile home. Each person's safety is the concern of all persons in the community.
In order for the management to provide you with a community in which you will be comfortable, you need to inform the management of infractions of regulations, and make suggestions as to how we can make our community better.