Mobile Home Lot Lease

Made this ________ day of _______________, _______ BETWEEN: Bryan Carnathan, owner and operator of WindRidge Place, in the Township of Washington, County of Snyder and State of Pennsylvania, hereinafter called Lessor, and
hereinafter called Lessee;
WITNESSETH THAT, the Lessor does hereby lease to the Lessee and the Lessee does hereby rent from the Lessor, Lot No. _____, situate in WindRidge Place, Washington Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, for a term of ONE (1) MONTH, commencing on __________________, ______ and ending on ____________________, _______, to be used and occupied only for residential purposes, and for no other purposes without the prior written approval of Lessor.
1. The Lessee covenants and agrees to pay to the Lessor, as rent for and during the term hereof, the sum of $_______, per month, to be paid to and received by Lessor, at: Bryan Carnathan, WindRidge Place, RD3 Box 208-15, Selinsgrove PA 17870 in advance, on or before the first day of the month. Payment of said rental shall entitle Lessee to water, sewer and trash collection services without charge, but Lessee shall additionally pay for all other utility services including gas, electricity and telephone, as billed to the Lessee.
2a. The authorized number of tenants and guests permitted to reside at the leased premises shall be limited to ______. Leasee's guests shall not exceed ______ in number. Lessee's overnight guests shall not exceed _____ in number.
3. The Lessee shall take good care of the premises and shall maintain the premises in good condition, and at the end of or other expiration of the term hereof, shall deliver the rented premises in good order and condition, wear and tear from a reasonable use thereof, and damage by the elements not resulting from the neglect or fault of the Lessee excepted. The Lessee shall neither encumber or obstruct the sidewalks, driveways, yards, but shall keep and maintain the same in a clean condition, free from debris, trash, refuse, snow and ice. Lessee further agrees to maintain the premises so that grass or other ground cover, excluding shrubs, bushes, trees and flowers, shall not be permitted to exceed three inches in height. Leasee agrees to maintain trees, shrubs and other plantings on site.
4. Lessor agrees to furnish Lessee with 2 overnight parking space(s) on the premises of the Lessor. Lessee agrees to register said vehicles at the Lessor's office and to prominently display on his vehicles the parking permits obtained at the time of registration.
5. The Lessee agrees to and shall save, hold and keep harmless and indemnify the Lessor from and for any and all payments, expenses, costs, attorney fees and from and for any and all claims and liabilities for losses or damage to property or injuries to persons occasioned wholly or in part by or resulting from any act or omissions by the Lessee or the Lessee's guests, licensees, invitees, or for any cause or reason whatsoever arising out of or by reason of the occupancy by the Lessee.
6. The Lessee shall not, without the written consent of the Lessor, assign or sublet the premises or any portion or part thereof.
7. If the demised premises shall be taken under eminent domain or condemnation proceedings, or if the Lessor conveys the said premises to any governmental authorities seeking to take said premises, then this lease, at the option of the Lessor, shall terminate, and the term hereof shall end as of such date as the Lessor shall fix by notice. Lessee shall have no claim nor interest in the compensation received by Lessor for such taking.
8. If the Lessee shall fail to comply with any conditions and covenants hereof, the Lessor may perform such conditions and covenants, at the cost and expense of the Lessee, and the said cost and expense shall be added to the next installment of rent and shall be payable as such.
9. The Lessee agrees that the Lessor and the Lessor's agents, employees, or other representatives, shall have the right to enter into and upon the said premises or any part thereof, at all reasonable hours, for the purpose of examining the same or making such repairs or alterations therein as may be necessary for the safety and preservation thereof. This clause shall not be deemed to be a covenant by the Lessor nor be construed to create an obligation on the Lessor to make such inspection or repairs.
10. All goods and personal property of any kind in or upon the leased premises shall be the sole responsibility of the Lessee, and in no event shall the Lessor be liable for any loss or damage to said goods or property for any reason whatsoever.
11. Lessor shall not be liable for failure to give possession of the leased property to the Lessee upon the effective date of this lease. In such an event, rental payments shall not commence until possession is given to, or is made available to the Lessee, and the term of the lease shall be executed accordingly.
12. Any living units, equipment, fixtures, goods or other property of the Lessee not removed by the Lessee upon the termination of this lease, or upon any quitting, vacating or abandonment of the premises by the Lessee, or upon the Lessee's eviction, shall be considered as abandoned and the Lessor shall have the right, without any notice to the Lessee, to retain, lease, sell or otherwise dispose of the same at the expense of the Lessee and shall not be accountable to the Lessee for any part of the proceeds of such lease or sale, if any. Lessee may remove such living unit upon payment to lessor of all rent or other charges due lessor. If the lessee has not so paid and removed the unit within three months of such termination, quitting, vacating or abandonment, title to same shall pass to lessor by title transfer from lessee or, in default thereof, by confession of judgment for title in favor of lessor in the manner set forth in paragraph 18.
13. If there shall occur any default on the part of the Lessee, or if the Lessee shall be adjudicated a bankrupt, or if during the term hereof, the premises shall be abandoned or vacated, Lessor, in addition to any other remedies herein contained may either by force or otherwise without being liable for prosecution therefor or for damages, re-enter the said premises and re-let same. The Lessee shall remain liable for such rents as may be in arrears and also the rents as may accrue subsequent to such re-entry, and Lessor shall have the right to remove all goods, fixtures and chattel therefrom, without liability for damages.
14. The Lessor shall not be liable for any damage or injury which may be sustained by the Lessee or any other person, as a consequence of the failure, breakage, leakage or obstruction of the water, sewer waste or soil pipes, or the electrical, gas or oil system; or by reason of the elements; or resulting from the carelessness, negligence or improper conduct on the part of any other Lessee or the Lessor or the Lessor's or this or any other Lessee's agents, guests, licensee, invitees, subLessees, assignees or successors; or attributable to any interference with, interruption of or failure, beyond the control of the Lessor, of any services to be furnished or supplied by the Lessor.
15. The various right and remedies of the Lessor expressed herein are cumulative, and failure of the Lessor to enforce any such right or remedy at any time shall not constitute a waiver thereof.
16. Lessee shall pay all county, municipal and school district real estate taxes assessed and levied against his home and personal property and shall furnish Lessor, when requested, proof of payment of same. Failure to pay such taxes, when due, shall constitute a default hereunder.
17. Upon termination of this lease, Lessee shall remove his home on or before termination date, first obtaining the necessary removal permit from the local tax office, and shall display same to Lessor before commencing removal of his unit.
18. In the event of nonpayment of rent or other charges when due, the said Lessee hereby confesses judgment in favor of said Lessor for the whole amount of the rent at any time remaining unpaid, and any other charges hereunder, whether the same shall have been due or not, waiving stay of execution, inquisition and all exemption laws now in force or which may hereafter be passed, and authorized the adding of reasonable Attorney's fees, for collection; and further does hereby, upon the breach of any of the conditions of this lease, authorized any attorney of any court of record to appear for him and confess such judgment and enter an amicable action of ejectment and confess a judgment of ejectment therein for the premises herein described and does authorize the immediate issuing of a writ of possession and execution for costs without asking leave of the court. A photocopy of this lease may be used for confession of judgment for unpaid rent, or for confession of judgment in ejectment. Such remedies shall be cumulative, and not alternative, and may be re-exercised as necessary.
19. The Lessee acknowledges Lessee has read and agrees to conform to Lessor's printed Rules and Regulations and any other rules and regulations made by Lessor for the use and government and management of this mobile home park, to protect the entire premises of the Lessor and to further the general comfort and welfare of all the occupants, which Rules and Regulations and any changes thereto hereafter adopted, are incorporated herein by reference, and made a part hereof the same as if fully set forth herein. Lessor shall furnish Lessee with prompt notice of all changes in said rules and regulations. Lessee acknowledges receipt of a copy of such Rules and Regulations concurrent with execution of this lease.
20. If Lessee continues in possession of said premises after expiration of said term, at Lessor's option such holding over may be deemed a renewal of this lease agreement for another like term and subject to all conditions and covenants herein contained. Successive renewals shall occur on the same basis, absent prior notice by either party.
21. The Lease and the aforesaid rules and regulations, constitute the entire agreement between the parties and same is not subject to any oral modification. Further, this agreement shall be legally binding upon parties hereto, and their respective heirs, successors and assigns.